Olivia 2 (or how a redhead should never go to the beach)

I gave Olivia a cut and color and styled it afterwards. The pictures I took of her symbolize the summer of the redhead. If you already have dyed your hair red or reddish (doesn’t matter if it’s a light copper or a really vibrant red), you have come face to face with the horror of your color washing off and fading out within a few (three? four?) weeks. Which brings us to the way a redhead should approach her summer holidays. First, you should avoid the sun because not only has it become extremely dangerous, it’s also going to speed up the fading of your color. Plus (and that’s something you should always have in mind) a tan makes a redhead look ridiculous. How many iconic redheads had a tan? That’s right, none (Rihanna doesn’t have a tan stupid). And make up can’t do the trick. Redheads and a suntan don’t go together, full stop. Now, supposing that you took your red head for a swim but took a giant beach umbrella and the most powerful sunblock cream with you, you should know that sea water will wash away the redness as fast as a cheetah. Yes, you might keep a bottle of tab water with you and rinse away the saltwater immediately after your dive but still it’s going to fade out… So, what options are you poor redheads left with? A really cool swim cap (if you find one, let me know where you got it) and keeping your head out of the water. And that’s like swimming with a condom. Bottom line is if you haven’t gone red by March, don’t bother doing it until after your summer holidays. Because everyone deserves endless fun at the beach.

  1. s said:

    some of your most beautiful pics ever!

  2. s said:

    romantic Diana – girl cupid awe

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