Olybia is one of my friends that is so fearless and we’ve done so many different looks together, that it would take three pages of this blog to showcase what we’ve done in the last three years alone. I cut and coloured her hair and then styled it and took some pictures. This dark ash blonde is one of my favorite colors of all. I think it screams class. Marina Stat did a fab make up once more and I would also like to thank George for holding those lights.

  1. alicia said:

    perfect color!i want the same!

  2. A.M. said:

    I love Olybia color!! Omg how did you get it to that dark ash stage? Did you have to bleach it out if so to what yellow color? What brand of Dark ash did you use I have been using Davines because it does not pull any red orange tones…however I have been afraid to go to light because of damage. I know that ash tones will turn green on bleached hair so what did you use a for a beige so it grabs on to the hair? Or did you?

    Love Love Love this color!! If I was close I would run down to have you do it πŸ˜€ Amazing!!

    • Now why on earth would I give all my secrets away like that? πŸ˜› I suggest you print out the pics and visit your nearest salon. However, one thing is certain: if your hair is thin, don’t have it bleached. I will only say I used Wella Koleston Perfect.

      • A.M. said:

        Yes,yes of course no offence… Unfortunately not everyone is talented as you are I have yet to get someone to even get close to that colour sad but true. It is truly an amazing job.. it is like a 1950’s dark ash blonde which is wonderful ..I have very thick slightly wavy hair my hair grows like Rapunzel.. so no problems there. I will look into wella KP thx. πŸ™‚

  3. tracey said:

    omg im getting this done soon hopefully my mobile hairdresser get that shade as it my natural colour ive been trying to get back wish i never dye my hair in the first place πŸ™‚

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