vintage test shoots 6 : the 80’s

It was September in 2003, when my friend Myrto told me that the girls that own the Rere Papa boutique in Kolonaki wanted to shoot her for some flyers advertising their boutique. The shooting would take place at a (fantastic) lake on a mountain near the little town of Akrata and they would stay there for 2 days. Myrto went on to ask the girls if I could come along to keep her company and also style her hair and that led to my first session styling, before I even knew that this was an actual job. This shot was not used (plus I needed an 80s inspired picture) and that’s why it’s posted as a test shot. Renata (one of the 2 girls of Rere Papa) took the pictures and Olivia retouched it to accentuate the  80s essence of the picture (no, no it’s not Photoshop, the sun really hit her earring).


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