vintage test shoots 3 : the 50’s

It was the beginning of 2006 when Harvey the photographer (previously of the Kitao team that specialized on advertising photography) suggested we do a test together. My friend Mariangela has always had a thing for vintage (and now gives swing dancing lessons) so I knew that this was the girl we would have to do pin-up with. Mariangela brought her own (authentic vintage) clothes and vintage record player. I did the hair (and cut her fringe in the studio), Marina Stat did the make-up, Harvey took the pictures and Eliza did the retouching, making it look like a vintage magazine cover (I love the glowing skin of that era).

At this point I think I should explain what a test shoot is. When a photographer, stylist, make-up artist, hairstylist or model want to start in the business, they have to do shootings where no-one gets paid, just to be able to showcase what they are capable of doing. Working with models is definitely a plus for testing, but my own friends have provided a huge amount of test work and they still continue to inspire me so so much. Maybe they are the ones responsible for this blog after all…


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